The basics of investing in a quality storm door

by Jeffrey Banks 02/04/2024

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Have you ever heard a tree branch slam into your front door and cringe at what sort of damage you may be inspecting after the storm? Or maybe you've felt the cold gusts of a winter storm crashing against your door frame, simultaneously draining your wallet by increasing your heating bill?

Regardless of your situation, there's a good chance a storm door may be worth investing in. These doors protect your entry door from being battered by the elements, while aiding in maintaining energy efficiency throughout your home. Curious? Here are a few common topics to get you started.

How do I choose the best storm doors?

The first thing to do when choosing a storm door is understand your climate. You'll want to assess the types of weather protection you'll need by observing the storms that develop routinely throughout each season in your locale.

For example, for areas of high wind and debris, try steel-clad storm doors. These doors are also touted as being energy-efficient, along with aluminum-clad storm doors. If you happen to be in an area with extreme temperatures, you may also benefit from steel or aluminum doors, even if the wind factor is lower in your area.

Buying a storm door

Most storm doors come with some sort of warranty, even if they're limited. You'll also want to ensure you buy from a reputable distributor. Most big-box hardware stores have a section for these types of doors, and professionals to assist you where you may need it.

Likewise, if you'd prefer to do the research and installation yourself, ordering storm doors online is also a viable option. Just be sure to practice appropriate internet safety, such as checking for secured sites and encryption, before inserting any personal information.

What is the difference between a storm door & a screen door?

While your storm door may have a screen or something similar, it's not the same as a screen door. Screen doors are typically designed to allow airflow in and out of the home, while maintaining a minimal layer of security and keeping pests at bay.

A storm door, on the other hand, may have a screen feature behind a pain of storm glass, but it's typically got another layer of protection such as glass or durable metal. These doors are designed to protect your home's exterior entry doors from receiving damage during turbulent weather.

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Storm doors are great investments. Whether you're residing in a relaxed region or gear up to go toe-to-toe with your area's weather, it's worth a few moments to take a deeper dive into your home's storm protection.

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